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Steven Rushefsky


I use my art to show what is most important to me. Among the things most important to me are LOVE and:

 “Father & Child” depicts a family walking and the father is making sure that the baby knows they are cherished.

 For a period of about 10 years, my husband had work and family obligations in New York City each week. “Alex Leaves for NYC” is based upon a Knight and Squire depicted by Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna and captures how I would help Alex pack and prepare for his weekly trip.

I live in the Hudson Valley. I studied art at Binghamton University. My focus is drawing on paper. Periods of working in printmaking and clay have enhanced the textures I can create and also have given me a sense of how to build up a drawing in several working layers.

I participate in several group exhibitions each year nationwide - recent exhibits include North Carolina, Michigan, Rhode Island, Maryland and New York. I have had three solo exhibitions in New Jersey.

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