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Who We Are

Roost Studios, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to artistic expression, community connection, and creative educational partnerships.

Our Mission
  • Offer thoughtful contemporary art programming of all disciplines

  • Present the work of both renowned and emerging local artists

  • Provide exhibition, educational and networking opportunities for local artists

  • Actively seek unique voices and new audiences

  • Foster collaborative partnerships with other arts organizations and artists

  • Build community by bringing artists, patrons, students, teachers and enthusiasts together

  • Provide a social gathering place for artists, audiences and the local community

Roost Arts Board Officers & Directors:

Marcy Bernstein, Founder

Paul Bracey 
Jackie O'Malley-Satz  

Stacie Flint 

Aliza Driller

Amy Dooley

Eileen Quinn Kaisik

Linda Engler

Roost Arts Board Member Emeritus:

Carl Cox

Susan Kraft

Eddie O'Hara
Jill Ziccardi
Hellen  Gutfreund
Lauree Feldman

Tom Nolan

David Wilkes

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