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Stephanie Basch

These works are about where love, in the platonic sense, intersects with surrendering control. For the realization that, while we cannot always control the trajectory of what we care about, we can open and soften our hearts and make space for a path forward.

Originally from NYC, I have been living in the Hudson Valley for the past decade. My work is inspired the local natural environment, ancient and contemporary wisdom, personal reflection and visual symbolism I’ve both studied and developed over time.

As an art educator and artist for over 3 decades I have worked in a wide variety of environments with a range of media. As an artist I have worked collaboratively and on large scale public works with an interest in art and social justice while also keeping a “personal scale” practice of my love for mixed media collage, assemblage, drawing, painting and experimental printmaking.

My work is shown in local galleries, craft shows and online. These pieces are from series of original, one-of-a-kind sculptural talismans and digital drawings, with an intent to be accessible and available to a wide audience.

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