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Pamela Serota

Pamela Serota

The dragonfly is an exquisite, graceful creature with iridescent wings and body that catch the light and change color. A dragonfly spends most of its life in the water as a larva. Once it reaches its full developed potential, it moves to the surface, learns to breathe air, expands its wings, and takes flight. In many cultures around the world, the dragonfly represents transformaton and self-realizaton. Much like a dragonfly, my mosaic artwork represents change and hope, where broken pieces of tile are put together into a new cohesive image and old objects are transformed with the additon of a beautiful, tiled surface. I find the act of creating mosaics to be meditative and upliting, and my intention is to bring joy, play, and color into people’s lives. I create decorative upcycled objects for the home and garden, such as tables, mirrors, trays, and lamps; I also create mosaic wall art, sometimes using a mixed method of painting with mosaic elements. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. I also have the pleasure of creating commissioned pieces for people’s homes and working collaboratively with communities on public mosaic murals.

I have been a mosaic artist since 2007, when I discovered Gaudi’s art on a trip to Barcelona. From that point on I was hooked and began learning and honing my craft. For many years, I sold my artwork through festivals and art fairs. Upon moving to SW Virginia back in 2014, I became more established, joining a maker’s market called Crafteria in Roanoke, VA. In 2022, I moved back to my childhood home in NYC, where I continue to create mosaics but seek new outlets and artistic communities to flourish. In March 2023, I was showcased at the 510 Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, NY with a special in memoriam exhibit of works that combined my late father’s watercolor paintings with my mosaics. Starting in June 2024, I will show some of my work at a women’s art collective, Bliss, in Sugar Loaf, NY.

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