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Shoshana Aliza Driller

Art as a Love Language Eye Candy My pieces are intended to bring a feeling of delicious love through imagery and symbols associated with joy. A fresh bouquet of flowers or liQle penny candy; both evoke memories of joyful moments…the plaster pieces are designed as amulets to open the heart and allow love to bloom…

Shoshana Alize Driller is a painter, craftsperson and teacher, retired from a 37 year career which included being a visual arts educator at Highland High School. Her art connects the viewer with a reverence to healing and the tranquility of nature. Beyond painting, her collection includes hand painted textiles and collage. For Shoshana Alize, art starts as a meditation guided by an intuitive connection to the stillness in nature, uncovering pattern, texture, color and form. Her work blurs the lines between fine and decorative arts; abstraction and illustration.

Shoshana Alize is well connected in the Hudson Valley arts community showing her work in the 2023 Highland Open Studio Tour, HOST, is a member of MaArCo and exhibits with Roost Gallery.

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