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Jennifer Zhang - Roost Boost 2023 Winner

This award is an incredible gift that you have provided me. I’m truly honored to accept the Roost Boost Art Scholarship Award. Thank you.

As someone who used to rely on the art supplies from giveaways in order to be able to create, I want to use the scholarship funds from this award to purchase art supplies. Watercolor was my gateway into art because beginner sets were affordable and didn’t require a lot of extra supplies in order to use. I splurged on acrylics, because they were required for a course.

The additional resources that accompany this award will allow me to grow as an artist. It will be my first experience attempting to showcase and sell my work, participating in virtual shows, and even having an artists page.

Even though I applied for this scholarship, there was a part of me that didn’t believe it. I promise to do everything I can in the next year to utilize all of the opportunities that you have so graciously awarded me.

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