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Susan Kraft

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Susan Kraft

Susan Kraft is an artist and writer who, in 2000, relaunched her art career with the founding of ART21 Gallery in the heart of Palo Alto, CA. A few years later, she produced and hosted “Talk Art,” an award-winning cable TV talk show about artists’ work and their backstories.

Art has always been part of Susan’s life. She started painting in oils very young in her father's art studio, and at age 19, she entered college as an art major. With no financial backing following the death of her father several years previously, she was forced to reevaluate working toward an art degree, and she pivoted to math and science. This also satisfied her search for understanding who we are and how to best live on this tiny blue dot suspended in the Milky Way. Her first post-grad job brought her to Palo Alto, CA where she lived until recently.

In 2022, she moved from California to live and work in New York.

Use your creativity when it appears. It can be fleeting. Think of it as a gift and don't waste it.

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