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Stephanie Basch

Stephanie Basch

I am a life-long artist and art educator originally from NYC living in the Hudson Valley for this past decade. I currently draw inspiration from the natural environment, some aspects of spirituality and popular symbolism found in tattoo art and adult coloring content--which I have been immersed in teaching art in youth detention centers.

As an art educator and artist for over 3 decades I have worked in a variety of environments where I have developed art curriculum, guided mural painting and taught/worked with a wide variety of media. I have worked collaboratively and on large scale public works with an interest in art and social justice while also keeping a “personal scale” practice of my love for mixed media collage, assemblage, drawing, painting and works on paper. Since living in the Hudson Valley I have been particularly drawn to work with imagery and materials that are inspired by the colors, textures and reflection that spending time around the woods engenders.

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