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Stacie Flint

Stacie Flint

What is most notable about my expressive oil or acrylic paintings and commissioned portraits are the vibrant color and direct energy.

For commissions I use a softly defined approach.

For my paintings I use imagery of people, places, and objects from my life, imagination, and reference photos and reinvent them through a playful expression.

The paintings are honest, soulful, inspirational, fun.

Although an active process, it is also a meditation of balance and harmony.

This blend brings a simple, lasting experience of beauty and happiness.

I paint for the joy of creation, to celebrate the spirit, to satisfy the eye, to engage in childlike imagination, to feel free, to use juicy color, to connect and inspire people, for the love of art!

Flint’s paintings and portraits are owned nationally and internationally. Based in New Paltz, she has exhibited extensively throughout the region, and in New York City, various U.S. states, and Canada. Her art has been featured on numerous magazine covers and has appeared in various publications. She illustrated a children’s book and several music CD covers. Her commissioned public art is on permanent display in Ulster County and is in the permanent collection of regional institutions.

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