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Polly Reina

Polly Reina

There is nothing more exciting than starting my day with a blank canvas and plenty of pigments on hand. I love creating fantasy scenes fresh with bright color, energetic line and texture.

In the beginning stages of a painting I will lay out a preliminary idea in a loosely arranged composition oftentimes with stylistic characters appearing to float in non realistic spaces. Gestural marks of expressive form and color may come forward or recede on the canvas. Rather than carefully rendering objects in strict reality, I tend to work intuitively and automatically.

As the work evolves and matures I become the conduit through which it begins to speak. Our relationship is of a sort where we are at the same time one, yet separate. We switch roles continuously; both teacher and student, the writer and the reader. My hope is to connect with viewers who can relate to my artistic vision .

After leaving my home in Huntington, Long Island I attended SUNY New Paltz where I received my BFA in painting. I decided to remain in this most beautiful area, where I bought my home and work daily in my studio. There are many fine talented artists residing locally and with the close proximity to New York City art galleries, this is a wonderful place to live and work.

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