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Paul Bracey

Paul Bracey

Paul’s interest in photography began in his youth as an offshoot of an interest in drawing and painting. During his military service, he volunteered to take aerial photographs. After leaving the military, he worked as a portrait photographer. His first introduction to digital image editing was modifying photographs of overhead signage while working on a large highway construction project in Pennsylvania, where he also served as an aerial photographer and photo archivist. Once he was introduced to Photoshop, the jig was up.

An avid outdoor adventurer, he has pursued rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering - traveling to a variety of amazing destinations that have provided spectacular photographic opportunities.

Today, he makes use of a wide range of equipment and techniques and uses social media to share his work with a broader audience. In addition, he produces high-quality framed prints for display in galleries and exhibitions. His goal is to share the beauty of nature and art through engaging images, whether realistic or imagined, in the hope of showing viewer’s a new way of seeing things.

His work has been displayed in galleries, regional and international shows, in the private collections of art patrons, and online at his website,

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