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Marcy Bernstein

Marcy Bernstein

Marcy’s personal art is unique combination of collage, photography, paint and encaustics. She has shown her work in NYC galleries as well as the Hudson Valley.

During a sabbatical from her teaching position she partnered with the Samuel Dorsky Museum of art and the New Paltz school district to create a curriculum called Learning2Look. This connected the SUNY college at New Paltz with the local school district for an educational opportunity through the Arts.

Marcy is an inspired outdoor enthusiast who has climbed all 46 peaks over 4000 feet in NY State. She has consistently tested her boundaries as a technical rock climber for almost 30 years, climbing both locally the beautiful Shawangunk Ridge cliffs and traveling to adventure locations all over the United States. She has enjoyed running half marathons and has been an avid cyclist. Pushing boundaries, and facing challenges, both creatively and physically, are inseparable qualities from which Marcy’s life and work stem.

Through the formation of Roost Studios Marcy plans on connect many of the incredible creative people in the community. This venture involves putting into existence an inspiring exhibition space, workshop space, and community space. It is an opportunity to pool resources and equipment and energy in order to have a connected, thriving, creative community.

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