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Jacqueline O'Malley-Satz

Jacqueline O'Malley-Satz

My name is Jacqueline O’Malley-Satz. As a practicing ARTIST from a very young age I further developed my educational background through the visual arts and achieved degrees in Art Education and in Educational Administration, however, not finishing my doctoral work that focused on the “Value of the ARTS in education” I continue on that path.

Participating in the wider community, I have grown both intellectually and artistically through my experiences.

Having moved my family from Long Island to Orange County, I was able to successfully own and operate a ceramic business. I worked for McCall’s Pattern Company as an analyst of all their print competition, and I continue to work as a freelance calligraphist. I am a visual artist in a variety of mediums.

My preferred language is in the visual arts by which I respond to my environment, emotions and circumstances. I call myself a ‘teacher’. My resume reads: Art Teacher Pre-K, K - 12, Professor at an undergraduate college, Assistant Professor in a graduate program, principal administrator for a few High Schools, and a school board member, vp and president. My work has been shown in a variety of local galleries, colleges and is included in many personal collections.

I look forward to continuing to produce work that has purpose and value as an artist.

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