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Dana Bol

Dana Bol

Dana Bol studied experimental film with Stan Brakhage at the University of Colorado Boulder, engendering a life long love of layered imagery and film. After her studies, Dana moved to the Netherlands after traveling around the world. During her two years abroad, she participated in various film projects, including editing commercials and documentaries and working with such creative visionaries as director John Schlesinger and Nicolai van der Heide.

Returning to the U.S., Dana worked at several editorial companies before forming arc*light editorial in 1998. She was the managing director until 2001, when she formed Tallgirl, a company specializing in visual effects and film editing which she still runs today.

In 2006, Dana attended Parson’s School of Design and it opened up a world of painting and interiors. She developed and refined many of the current techniques used in her painting while in studio classes.

Since that time, Dana has had two solo shows-Radiant Traces in 2009, and Found Objects in 2020. Impasto and oil have been essential to her work and Birch, twigs and beads were a major influence in her show Found Objects.

Dana has a passion for rock climbing and tennis and enjoys connecting with other artists, finding inspiration in collaboration. She will work on commission and is happy to discuss individual palettes and spaces.

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