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Austin Cadore

Austin Cadore

Austin grew up studying clowning and improvisation. Leaving the stage at 18, he went to SUNY Purchase to pursue a BFA, concentrating in drawing and photography, all while working for an improv theater, Chicago City Limits. Upon graduating, he worked full time for the theater, eventually becoming something like a producer. Although not performing, clowning and improvisation greatly influences his work, from the fleeting impulses of photography, to his amorphous characteristics in form.

Austin has been taking pictures of people looking at art in museums, since 1996, some of them can found on his Instagram page ( His book of street photography, The Joy Of Pointing, focuses on candid pictures of people pointing, is available on Blurb (, and through him directly on this site. He now works in stone, doing free carving in alabaster, which can be found on his site (

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