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Aliza Driller

Aliza Driller

Artist Statement:

Shoshana Aliza

“It always starts as a meditation, a connection found in stillness, an embrace of awe and reverence for nature and life force.”

The artistic process is intuitively guided, peeling back veils, revealing layers, uncovering patterns, texture, color and form. The paintings asks the viewer to connect to nature with reverence; to find the healing energies and tranquility beneath the layers. My work tends to blur the lines between fine and decorative art, crafts, abstraction and illustration. I combine medium and style to find a unique inner dialogue and energy with the subject, like a dance flowing, capturing a moment, a mood, or a memory. This focus of transformational energy, allows for self discovery and empowerment.

I take note of what nature reveals and translate with metaphors of vulnerability, strength and transformation, layered for the viewers to discover. Nature reveals itself in compelling details of pattern, texture and color. The geometry of the universe and connections between parts, repeat and connect to form the whole. My love for the glimpse of the divine has become my sanctuary and pathway to inner peace. My work explores the universal truth that begins with the self and connects all things. I try to create a balance between representation and ornamentation, using nature as the springboard for transformation. My work is related to totems and talismans of ancient cultures and spiritual meditation.

I have been a Visual Arts educator for 38 years, combining Mindfulness and Yoga to encourage self empowerment and focus on transformational energy. I love being inspired by individual custom requests, working together to create your perfect gift, or finding something that you connect to. I host small Art garden workshops and Moon gatherings June through July in the Hudson Valley, NY. I am available for custom mural work on site.

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