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Nataly & Tyson Goldfisch

In the beginning, god/dess created the heavens and the earth

Forces outside of human understanding

One being agape, unconditional love

Standing on the edge of creation

The edge of everything and the edge of nothing

The cavern of primordial bifurcation

A universe unto itself

In the cavern, 2 enter


Attaining a glimpse of infinity

Immaterial, unnamable, ungraspable

The spire of human experience

Nataly & Tyson Goldfisch live in New Paltz, New York, with an introverted teenager, and a senior cantankerous cat. Nataly is an Associate Professor at the SUNY New Paltz. She teaches mathematics pedagogy in the education department. Her area of research focuses on the intersectionality between philosophy of mathematics education, aesthetics, and ecology. She has authored books and articles about STEM education and critical/ecojustice education. Tyson has performed and shown his work in several states over the last two decades. His preference for exhibitions are outside the traditional art world, consisting of popup art displays, street performances, and improvisational creative outbursts/situations. His visuals, performances, and sound-based work reanimates discarded objects, transforming already-used utilitarian objects and refuse into end-times totems or renderings of end-times characters. Key themes in his work include joy, transformation of sickness into health, deterioration, disparity, alienation, rust, industry, roots, altered states of consciousness and post-rapture spiritual economy.

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