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Marcy Bernnstein

My work shows the relationship of love to time. I use collage, wax, and paint. Embedded material is scraped and chipped away, covering and then unearthing the colorful and textural secrets of what came before and creating fissures that let in the light. The layers of paint create scar-like surfaces that function as a visual embodiment of a process over time. Tempered, weathered and beautiful. Love that lasts and outlasts circumstances and the forces that affect relationships as time goes by.

This was created from a collage made of my own photographs, rusted metal and blades. It was then photographed and printed with a laser printer. The Ink was transferred using a acrylic medium transfer onto watercolor paper and then worked into with a wax encaustic paint

Marcy Bernstein resides in the Hudson Valley.

She holds a BFA in Painting (with honors) from Parsons School of Design (1986) a teaching certification from Bank Street College of Education (1986) and an MFA in Painting from SUNY New Paltz (1989) Marcy founded Roost Studios and Art Gallery, a non-profit for the arts, in 2016.  In her role as Executive Director, Marcy coordinates, curates, and produces community art events, fulfilling a mission to build community through the arts.

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