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Linda Engler

The earth shares its beauty and in return I nurture it and feel the music in my heart. It's a dance of love.

Photography has been a passion for Linda since holding her first camera as a teenager. Looking through the lens allowed her to see the world with fresh eyes from so many different perspectives. As that wide focus has evolved over the years her attention to details has become more keen. Now she lets her camera take her on new adventures, looking more closely at the details that appear in nature and how they work synergistically. The minute details that make up the whole and the interconnectedness of the elements has become a visual study for her.

Always exploring and expanding her view, Linda lives in Gardiner, NY and continues to develop her craft of capturing the stillness of a moment and creating an image that emanates a feeling of calm and a desire to look more deeply.

To develop the final image, she begins by looking through the lens, seeing the landscape, and creating a unique composition. Then, using digital techniques texture and more depth are introduced using a variety of artistic brush strokes and layers of color and light. Sometimes layering photos to express herself. Each image elicits its own individual story and emotion guiding the development of artwork.

Take a pause and experience the moment.

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