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Jean Tansey

Symbols which are easily recognizable connect people across cultural and language barriers, the hand heart symbol as a frame for a lovely scene or as a gesture of love, appreciation and friendship towards another has become widely recognized. I have worked with hands as an expression of connection, language and symbol for over two decades in mediums as diverse as watercolor and acrylic paintings, protest costumes and aluminum cutouts in public parks.

Jean earned her BFA from The School of Visual Arts and dual-masters from SUNY Albany and New Paltz and has shown in art centers, galleries and public parks in the Hudson Valley since the 1980’s. Jean has successfully infused her day job as a social worker and her artwork with purposeful action. This has included work in domestic violence shelter, college level instructor of human services in the NYS prison system and public art and live art painting that encourage connection and peace. In 2017 Jean purchased an 1890 brick building, in the Osgood neighborhood of South Troy in the Capitol Region of New York. With the support of her partner Matt Warner, the carefully restored space is now home to original music and art experiences co-created by thoughtful folk who appreciate rejuvenating experiences.     FB: 3442ndstreet    I: 344secondstreettroy

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