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Eileen Kaisik

My photographs address “Art as a Love Language” as follows:

Son of West Texas - Love for another is never felt as deeply as when the beloved has left this earth.    All that is left of the Son of West Texas are the blurred memories of those that loved him and the reality that he has moved on to another world, symbolized by the empty yet reflective frame.

Pablo - Though Pablo has passed on, as evidenced by his name boldly displayed on the cross in the cemetery, the brilliance of the sky and light as well as the varied textures of the letters of his name exclaim a love for his being.

Mare and Foal - The unconditional, protective love of a mother for her child is universal throughout the animal kingdom.

In my free time I love to be outdoors, here in the beautiful Hudson Valley or traveling to places near and far.  Photography allows me to feel and consider these places at a level far beyond “just looking.”  Sharing my photographs brings joy that comes with creative expression.

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