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Tyson Goldfisch

Tyson Goldfisch

Tyson is an earthling who currently resides in upstate New York near the Shawangunk Mountains. While in human prenatal gustation Tyson attended the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Absorbing the human effort to thwart the bureaucratic tyranny and war machine first world civilized society had become, all through eight layers of epidermis and amniotic fluids. Everything sounds different under water. Tyson works with primarily discarded objects, transferring already used utilitarian objects into end times totems. Transformation is a key theme in Tyson's work – transformation of discarding post consumerist detritus into living breathing works, transformation of the discarded into the cherished – transformation of sadness into joy, transformation of sickness into health.

Tyson has shown work and given performances in several states from Vermont to Florida. deterioration, disparity, alienation, rust, industry, (roots), birds, shamans, altered states of consciousness, post rapture spiritual economy are some of the key themes of the works he does in various mediums. His work calls into question ideas of contemporary living spaces, crypto zoology, and alternative understandings of time travel and hauntological reimagined realities. Ultimately, Tyson endeavors to create living pages from children's storybooks, encouraging the viewer to finish an already begun surreal narrative. The ideas of possibility, total immersion, and transformation are alive and well in his vision.

Tyson Goldfisch has performed and shown his work in four states in the last two decades. His preference for exhibitions is outside the traditional art world, consisting of popup art displays, street performances, and improvisational creative outbursts/situations. Tyson's most recent exhibits and performances are Olana Groundswell (2015) and Roost Studio (2022; 2024)

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