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The Peter Sheehan Memorial Art Scholarship Award 2024

The exhibition will be at a local gallery in May-June - TBD
Applications have closed.

The Peter Sheehan Memorial Art Scholarship Award will provide resources to emerging artists for years to come so that his memory and art will continue to light the world.


Peter Sheehan was an inspiration to everyone around him. 

His enthusiasm for life and the beauty he saw everywhere brightened everything and everyone around him. He was an example of an extraordinary human. A kind and loving man with a wonderful sense of humor, and endless colorful creativity. 

He took up painting and drawing to try to capture the colors of the green fields, plowed earth and mystery of the woods. Peter remained engaged in that pursuit of beauty for the remainder of his life.

The Peter Sheehan Memorial Art Scholarship Award 2024
Amount: $500*
# of Recipients: 2


Open to art students in high school or college between the ages of 14 and 25, demonstrating excellence and dedication in the arts.

*Award amount will be directly available to the student artist.


  • Applicants are required to submit a small digital portfolio and brief essay to be considered for the student exhibition and scholarship contest.​

  • Digital portfolios must include 3-5 works of art for consideration by Roost Studios members and competition judges.​

  • Applicants must also provide a brief essay (250 words max) responding to either or both of the following questions:
    1) What inspires you as an artist?
    2) How has art made you who you are?

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